Modern hotel close to the Airport and major highways

Nestled near the airport and accessible via major highways, this contemporary hotel offers convenient transportation options for travelers. Its proximity to essential infrastructure makes it an ideal choice for those seeking easy access to their destinations. The hotel’s modern amenities and convenient location cater to the needs of both business and leisure travelers.


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Which 4 & 5 star hotels might I find in this area?

Nearby 4 Star Hotels

  • Légère Hotel Luxembourg
  • Mercure Luxembourg Off Kirchberg
  • Melia Luxembourg
  • Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg

Nearby 5 Star Hotels

  • Le Royal Hotels & Resorts – Luxembourg
  • Hotel Le Place d’Armes
  • Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal
  • Sofitel Luxembourg Europe
  • Hotel Parc Beaux Arts

Further Information About This Hotel

Places of Interest by the hotels location?

  • Grand Ducal Palace – A symbol of Luxembourg City, the Grand Ducal Palace is a stunning piece of architecture that serves as the official residence of the Grand Duke.
  • Casemates du Bock – These historic underground tunnels offer a glimpse into the city’s fortifications and provide stunning views of the Old Town.
  • Mudam Luxembourg – The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art houses contemporary art pieces in a striking building designed by architect I.M. Pei.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral – A beautiful example of late gothic architecture, the cathedral is renowned for its lovely stained glass and the crypt that houses the royal family vault.
  • Philharmonie Luxembourg – With its impressive modern facade, it’s a premier venue for classical music concerts and cultural events in the city.

What are the nearest train or tube stations, and are there convenient bus routes nearby?

Nearby Bus Stations

  • Findel, Airport
  • Findel, Lou Hemmer
  • Findel, Routscheed
  • Findel, Cargo Center
  • Senningerberg, Weierbrech
  • Sandweiler, Riederweis

Nearby Train Stations

  • Gare de Luxembourg (Luxembourg Railway Station)
  • Gare de Howald
  • Gare de Berchem
  • Gare de Mamer
  • Gare de Leudelange
  • Gare de Walferdange
  • Gare de Dommeldange