Modern 4-star hotel in Padua’s business district

The contemporary 4-star hotel in Padua is conveniently located in the business district. The hotel offers comfortable accommodations and is suitable for both business travelers and tourists. Its amenities include a fitness center, a business center, and a restaurant.


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Which 4 & 5 star hotels might I find in this area?

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  • Hotel Europa Padova
  • Best Western Premier Hotel Galileo Padova
  • Hotel Grand’Italia
  • Hotel Milano

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  • Hotel Giotto
  • Abano Grand Hotel
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Further Information About This Hotel

Places of Interest by the hotels location?

  • Prato della Valle – A large and beautiful elliptical square with a green island at the center surrounded by a moat and statues of notable historical figures.
  • Basilica of Saint Anthony – An important religious edifice visited by thousands of pilgrims every year, it’s where Saint Anthony of Padua is buried.
  • Botanical Garden of Padova – The world’s oldest academic botanical garden that is home to a vast collection of plants and an important center for scientific research.
  • Palazzo della Ragione – A medieval town hall building famous for its large-scale frescoes and grand interior hall known as the “Salone”.
  • Scrovegni Chapel – Renowned for its exquisite fresco cycle by Giotto, considered one of the masterpieces of Western art.

What are the nearest train or tube stations, and are there convenient bus routes nearby?

Nearby Bus Stations

  • Piazza Eremitani
  • Prato della Valle
  • Riviera Tito Livio
  • Stazione FS
  • Via Giuseppe Orsini

Nearby Train Stations

  • Padova Railway Station
  • Vigodarzere Station
  • Pontevigodarzere Station
  • Padova Interporto Station
  • Padova Campo Marte Station