Luxury hotel in Cannaregio district

This luxury hotel is situated in the Cannaregio district of Venice, renowned for its tranquility and picturesque canals. Nestled amidst enchanting surroundings, the hotel offers a sophisticated and elegant ambiance. The choice location provides guests with easy access to Venice’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems.


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Which 4 & 5 star hotels might I find in this area?

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Further Information About This Hotel

Places of Interest by the hotels location?

  • The Jewish Ghetto: The oldest Jewish Ghetto in the world with a rich history and beautiful synagogues.
  • Ca’ d’Oro: A stunning example of Gothic architecture on the Grand Canal, now a gallery showcasing art and artifacts.
  • Madonna dell’Orto: A 14th-century church with artworks by Tintoretto and an attractive Gothic facade.
  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli: A Renaissance church known for its ornate marble facade and interiors.
  • Fondazione Prada: A contemporary art venue in an 18th-century palace, offering innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions.

What are the nearest train or tube stations, and are there convenient bus routes nearby?

Nearby Bus Stations

  • Venice Santa Lucia Train Station
  • Piazzale Roma Bus Station
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport Bus Station
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Nearby Train Stations

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